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Connessione Orentano - Connessione VF a Villa Campanile

Orentano - Villa Campanile approx. Km 6,6 - 1h 40m Touristic Route

Route connecting the town of Orentano with the Via Francigena at Villa Campanile.

Orentano the Path 200 of the Cerbaie (Hiking map of the Cerbaie).

The road touches historically very important places such as the De Gini bridge, an ancient excavation site for an Etruscan bridge and the discovery of a pirogue and built remains) and the wet area of ​​Botronchio (Ramsar area).

The dirt road at times grassy but always well maintained and traveled on foot, by bicycle and on horseback by a multitude of people leads to the Via Vicinale di Corte Brogi (asphalted surface).

From here you come to cross the SP4 (Via Tullio Cristiani).

We take the Via Vicinale di Matteino (a forest road with a clear background) and then the Via Vicinale della Toppa (a forest road with a clear background).

Then Via dei Pini (paved municipal) and in Via Gori we enter the official route of the Via Francigena of the Tuscany Region. However, even the asphalted sections are streets with low or very low traffic.